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Last day in the states – NYC & Central Park

Wednesday 3/27 was our last day in the old US of A.  We spent the morning packing up our stuff and headed in from Goldens Bridge to New York City (or “The City” as the call it there).  We then spent the rest of the afternoon before our flight to Reyjavik in Central Park.  Neither of us had been there before and it is really impressive.  It’s really big and appears well taken care of and clean.  I’m sure its even more impressive in the spring and summer once flowers are blooming and the trees are leafed out.  It was pretty cold out, so there wasn’t even too many people there considering the crowded, bustling city that surrounds it. After a few hours wandering central park, we got a couple of slices of famous New York pizza (for $6 a slice, gasp…) and then headed to our flight at JFK.

DC to NYC and Goldens Bridge

Yesterday, Tuesday 3/24 was mostly taken up with traveling from Washington DC via Amtrak and then to Goldens Bridge, NY to stay with Jocelyn’s cousin for a couple of nights.  We got on the Amtrak at about 11:00 am at DC’s Union Station.  It’s a beautiful building and was a nice place to start the journey.

The train ride from DC to New York City was nice, if slow.  Luckily we weren’t in any hurry, so the speed didn’t matter much to us.  It was the first time I had ridden Amtrak, so I was impressed with the overall experience and comfort of it all.  The seats were big and comfortable, and there was free WiFi the whole way.  We’ll see how it compares to train service in Europe though.

We arrived in New York City’s Penn Station at about 2:30 PM.  This is not a nice train station.  It’s all under ground and it’s just a dark labyrinth of tunnels and escalators.  Apparently it was once a beautiful building, but that was torn down in the sixties to make way for Madison Square Garden and the station was pushed underground.  Once we got out of Penn Stations, we walked from there up to Grand Central station, about a mile. I’ve been to New York City once before, but the whole place is just sensory overload.  Just the shear number of people walking down the sidewalks and the smalls and sounds are all just crazy, in a good way.  Once you get used to it, just looking, listening, and smelling can provide for hours of entertainment.  We stopped at Bryant Park on our way for about an hour and enjoyed some sunshine, coffee, and people watching.

We also spent some time at Grand Central just walking around and checking things out before our train left for Goldens Bridge.  This is also a beautiful, huge building.  The ceiling in the main hall is all painted with constellations so it’s like looking up at the night sky.  Again, a very busy place with ample opportunity for people watching.  We boarded a commuter train about 5:30 and and arrived in Goldens Bridge about an hour later.  The train ride was nice and we even saw some deer as we got out into the countryside a bit.

Jocelyn’s cousin Rose picked us up from the train station and took us to her and her husband Adam’s beautiful house in the middle of the woods in the Goldens Bridge Colony.  It’s definitely a nice respite to be here out in a bit of nature after the last few days of being in big cities and before our departure to Europe.  Thanks Rose and Adam for the hospitality!

Today, 3/25, Rose gave us a little tour of the area.  We saw some wild turkeys on our way to Sallinger’s Orchard. There we ate some delicious apple cider donuts and stocked up on apples and various other snacks for the road.  We then had lunch at a quirky little place called Rosy Tomorrow’s.  The rest of the day has just been taken up with napping, doing laundry, and otherwise preparing to leave for Europe tomorrow!